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  • Groundswell
  • Groundswell

Sometimes you just need a good base, something strong but supple enough to manipulate as you please. These "redder" toned chunks are good sizes to use as the background of a story or to enlarge one, and add more chapters.

Historically accurate natural dye processes with madder, cutch and solidago.

Cotton velvet 7.25x5/7x13.5/7x10"
Linen (2 weights) 7x9.5/6.75x11/6x8.5"
Cotton khadi 6.5x14.5"
Cotton scrim 5x12' (2 layers)
Cotton eyelet cloth tape 2x42"
Linen (handkerchief) cloth tape 2.25x60"

Cloth tapes may also be split down middle for more "mileage", and are good for framing, binding straight edges, weaving, embroidered on their own for use as "trim", or letting edges gently fray for a vintage rustic/romantic look.

10 pieces per pack/FOUR packs available


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